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Working on the back end of trucking now after a short stint behind the wheel. Just want to help others in the field and talk about the trade.

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Trying Your Best With Nutrition On The Road

The reality is that drivers are not hopeless slobs determined to perpetuate unhealthy lifestyles against all odds - they are just losing more and more healthy resources in an industry that has done relatively little to help promote individual health on the road. When a person has to be in-cab for seemingly days on end may not even encounter a grocery store much less anywhere that sells produce, what options does a driver have? Read more
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The Problem With Parking

Unfortunately, one of the largest issues the transportation industry is facing today is a distinct lack of available and safe parking for truckers, especially in areas where stops are already few and far between. More truckers have been faced with the situation of parking their trucks in unsafe or otherwise illegal spots, and often endanger themselves as well as other drivers in doing so. Read more