Blockchain – The Next Step In Trucking Logistics

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)


From Todd Dills, Overdrive:

If there’s a hype machine in trucking that everybody seems to want in on but few know what it means, it’s the one around “blockchain.”

In its most basic form, it’s a way of distributing stored information in an online system to enhance visibility to parties contributing to the chain or using it. At the same time, it improves security of that information.

Blockchain in trucking is thought of most for its enabling greater automation in every phase of a freight move. For example, big grocery players Kroger and Walmart, among others working with IBM, last year tested a blockchain to track food-distribution moves down to the individual item, but its application could be much broader.

Owner-operators both independent and leased could be affected by new ways to establish a more comprehensive and accurate history of a truck’s ownership and maintenance. Company drivers and the fleets employing them also could see more thorough documentation of a driver’s employment history and new ways to broadcast it.

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