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A Career in Trucking Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Stay Fit

The isolation from being stuck in the cab for long hours can be detrimental to mental health and the long hours sitting behind the wheel can be physically unhealthy. Whether you are a driver who is hauling freight across the country or you’re hauling local produce to the grocery store across town, following a few simple tips to better health can help you stay fit while on the road. Read more
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Truck driving during winter: 5 things you need to check before hitting the roads

As harsh as the weather this time of year might be, business demands that commercial trucks of all sorts still need to hit the roads and make their deliveries. As a result, taking the time out to prepare your vehicles for the change of conditions is absolutely integral to ensure that both your drivers and your assets are ready to cope with the ferocity of winter. Read more
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About Dump Trucks and Primary Uses of Commercial Dump Trucks

Trucks represent transporting and transfer supplies from places to places. The industry areas need and require such a transport motor in the bigger manner as they do loading and unloading of raw & final materials on a regular basis. The other name of this particular motor of auto market is Business trucks or Commercial Trucks. Read more
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How Truck Drivers Can Help A Senior From Far Away

Whether you drive cross-country or just locally, truck driving can be a great job.. There are problems with trucking, of course. One of them is trying to take care of an ailing loved one. It could be your parents or a family friend, but you want to be there for them when they need support. How can you do that when you’re on the road? Read on to learn more about helping seniors from afar. Read more
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Handling Your Truck With Heavy Loads On Hills And Dealing With Curves

One of the first things you will notice once you begin driving is how different the truck feels with a load in the trailer. When you're in school, most schools use empty trailers and have the trailer axles set in one location. Now that you're in training you will find out how shifting, braking, turning and overall handling of the truck varies with different weights or types of loads. Read more
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Truck Inspection And Minor Repairs

One of the first things you should do once you're in a truck with your trainer is to sit in the driver seat and check all the Gauges2gauges, knobs, and buttons. Different model trucks have different layouts so anything you aren't sure of you will need to ask about before you drive. It's pretty likely the truck you drove in school had a different layout than the one you're going to train in. Read more