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About Dump Trucks and Primary Uses of Commercial Dump Trucks

Trucks represent transporting and transfer supplies from places to places. The industry areas need and require such a transport motor in the bigger manner as they do loading and unloading of raw & final materials on a regular basis. The other name of this particular motor of auto market is Business trucks or Commercial Trucks. Read more

Goodyear, Michelin Introduce New Tires

Goodyear and Michelin Introduced new tires at The North American Commercial Vehicle Show Wednesday In Atlanta. Goodyear with their Endurance LHD and Michelin with their XDA Energy+. For carriers willing to commit to a three month evaluation of the XDA Energy+, Murphy says Michelin will offer a $400 credit for the trucks who aren’t on track to realize the fuel savings. There is no fleet size requirement to take advantage of the audit, he adds. Read more