Channel 19: ‘100 Percent OK’ To Bring Up Detention Before You Get Off The Phone

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)


From Todd Dills, Overdrive:

That’s wisdom no doubt shared by many of you now that e-logs are in play for many more than before. It’s something that came up on a recent conversation I had with Chad Boblett, Kentucky-based independent owner-operator and founder of the active Rate Per Mile Masters Facebook group for business discussion. We were talking about spotting the problem brokers and/or a broker’s problem customer by effectively reading the broker’s responses to your questions about the load.

Here’s Boblett on the subject of detention: In 2018, with the ELD mandate in play, “it is now 100 percent OK to bring up detention before you get off the phone” with any broker, no matter the load’s origin or destination. “You’ve got to start bringing it up. In the past, people have not made that part of the negotiation.”

If you find you’re having a problem getting the broker to agree to your detention terms, particularly if conforming to the industry standard of two free hours, after which detention applies, you can be assured you’re probably going to have considerable detention at one or another of the facilities on either end, Boblett believes. “If it’s a good shipper and receiver” when it comes to detention, “the broker should have no problem agreeing to your detention time pay” terms.

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