Channel 19: How Elves Trucking Got Back In Service Just In The Nick Of Time

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)


From Todd Dills, Overdrive:

The following tale comes from the pen and keyboard at the desk of the esteemed Richard Wilson, head man behind Delaware-based TCRG Consulting, handling a variety of compliance matters for fleets and owner-operators. This piece was published before the ELD mandate took effect, meaning Santa was spared from having to show roadside officers electronic logs.

So I get a call from a client of mine, Elves Trucking LLC, of the North Pole. Seems they had problems with a certain DOT elf. He’d been dismissed by Santa for not keeping up at the shop. He went to sleigh inspector school and graduated as an Official North Pole Sleigh Inspector. Now, you would think that knowing all his old elf friends he would understand the importance of all the sleigh drivers, who were running their hats off trying to bring the materials to make the kids toys for Christmas. But this DOT elf decided he would take revenge on Ol’ Santa and his sleigh drivers to make the North Pole the most enforced corridor anyone had ever seen.

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