Channel 19: New Backup System Can Help With Blown Headlights

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)


From Todd Dills, Overdrive:

For truckers, inoperative lamps represent probably the biggest well of inspection violations seen in many states, and a headlight is no doubt a common reason roadside inspectors use to stop and inspect a truck, particularly in states where maintenance violations are a high priority.

The Lighting Bug company I first heard about at the spring 2017 workshop of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Company head and Lighting Bug inventor Marcus Boykin spoke briefly to CVSA’s vehicle committee about his tech, which offers a way to avoid ever running with a headlight out by turning the “high-beam side on at the brightness of the low beam” when the low beam goes dark, Boykin says, as briefed in the video up top.

With Lighting Bug working as intended, operators still have high-beam functionality in the affected headlight, too, Boykin says, answering a common question he gets from prospective users.

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