Channel 19: Things Truckers Deal With That Would Be Weird If Everyone Did Them

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2018)


From Wendy Parker, Overdrive:

Let’s face it. Truckers are different. They deal with things other people don’t have to, and have jobs that stray so far into their total existence that they sometimes take for granted how weird it would be if everyone did things like truckers have to do them.

Imagine showing up at Grandma’s house on Saturday afternoon, with a pickup truck slap full of things Granny asked you to bring to her from the church warehouse. You back the truck up in the driveway, and jump out to unload it just as Granny steps out of the house with her friend, Guido, and tells you to get your damn hands off the goods because Guido is going to unload it. And to add to the shock of it all, you’ll be paying Guido $300 to perform this service.

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