Commentary: Book On Trailer Manufacturing History Recalls Personal Stories

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)


From Tom Berg, TruckingInfo:

Bob Arn, an old-timer in American Legion Post 171 in Westerville, Ohio, was a flyer before and during World War II, and had a thousand stories about his experiences. Arn, who died in 2016 at age 94, once talked about a mission as a Civil Air Patrol pilot in 1942, when he and a partner spotted a German U-boat near Mobile, Ala. They radioed a nearby U.S. Coast Guard cutter whose crew captured the submarine and its crew before they could escape into deeper waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

What does this have to do with trailers? Well, U-boats were torpedoing American cargo ships, including tankers, along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, a dire situation kept quiet by our government because it didn’t want the public to panic, Arn told an audience in a lecture at the Westerville Public Library a few years ago.

Many tank trailers worked directly for the military, hauling aviation gasoline to Army Air Corps training bases across the U.S. Some of the tractor-trailer rigs were operated by civilian companies and others by GIs.

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The book, Truck by Trailer: A History of the Truck Trailer Manufacturing Industry, can be purchased here.




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