Commentary: It’s Never Too Late And You Are Never Too Old To Become Better

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)


From Glenn Caldwell, Vice-President of Sales for NAL Insurance Inc.and Healthy Trucker:

I recently came across a video that the Heart and Stroke Foundation created a few years ago titled, “Make Health Last”. On a split screen imagine it shows how the last 10 years of an older gentleman’s life could look. The question: “Will you grow old with vitality, or get old with disease?” On the left, the man was active, vibrant and healthy; he laces up his running shoes for an early morning walk, a bike ride and a game of tag with his grandchild. On the right, the same man was sick, hospitalized, and being fed by his wife.

Stats suggest that the average Canadian male lives to 79 years old. We started the Healthy Trucker wellness program about 6 years ago when we heard the stat that the average lifespan of a long haul truck driver in the USA was only 61; the main cause for this horrific difference comes down to the sedentary lifestyle they live. Drivers that sit for long periods of time have the same risk of heart attack and stroke as someone that smokes.

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