Dodging The Middleman: On-Demand Freight Matching Progress Report

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)


Late in 2016, Overdrive reader Kacie Sill wrote in after reading updates on No Broker Freight and MyRiteLoad. The shipper-exclusive load-matching services were experiencing populating their systems with shippers’ freight, and others’ experiences sounded similar to what she and her husband had seen, trying to suss out “legitimate freight options” among the Wild West of online boards and the new crop of tech-enabled brokerages, Sill wrote. “We are currently members of [DAT’s] TruckersEdge and, and are struggling with the rate offers,” she added. Were there legit alternatives to those longtime load-board stalwarts?

Established load services such as DAT and have plentiful freight, most of it from brokers, though some shippers use the technology to source spot capacity. Others include 123LoadBoard, Truck It Smart and Trucker Path’s relatively new mobile-focused Truckloads app.

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