Environment Advocates Fight To Keep Glider Kit GHG Rules Intact

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)


Environmental advocates, state attorneys general and others are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to maintain the previous administration’s regulation restricting the use of glider kits under the Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 rules, calling the current efforts to reverse the rule at odds with the Clean Air Act.

Last November, the EPA moved ahead with its promise to repeal the glider provision found in the 2016 GHG rules. The EPA’s proposed repeal contends that glider kits should not be included GHG regulations because glider vehicles are not technically “new motor vehicles” and glider engines are not “new motor vehicle engines,” and thus are not subject to the EPA’s authority on environmental regulations.

In a phone conference Monday, the Environmental Defense Fund challenged this reading as intentionally misrepresentative of the CAA, saying it went against the principles upon which the legislation was founded.

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