For Fewer Problems With Roadside Repairs, Avoid These 7 Mistakes

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)


From Denise Rondini, Aftermarket Contributing Editor, TruckingInfo:

With roadside breakdowns, it’s more a matter of when than if, according to Bill Dawson, vice president of maintenance operations and engineering for Ryder. While there are things a fleet can do to try to decrease the number of roadside events, “failures happen in the best of circumstances. Even with the greatest [preventive maintenance] programs, you still are going to have some failures. You are going to have a tire go out. You are going to have an electrical system issue. You are going to have an aftertreatment system issue,” he says.

Breakdowns result in productivity losses and damage customer relations. Yet not all fleets do a good job of managing the breakdown process. Here’s a look at common mistakes fleets make when it comes to emergency roadside service. Avoid these and you can make roadside repairs less of a costly headache.

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