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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)


Before any potential driver can make a decision regarding their career on the road, there are several steps and factors that must be taken into consideration.

Chief among them is preparing for the Commercial Driver’s License test and the ensuing examinations that follow it. Many new drivers may think of the CDL test purely as a skills-related examination that one must take. While the behind-the-wheel portion of the examination is certainly an important aspect of the test that one must prepare for, another equally important aspect is the written portion of the exam.

Many new drivers can liken their CDL test experience to that of obtaining their non-commercial Class C license. Preparation for both parts of the test is key, and a valued driver is one that can drive well and one who possesses the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions on the road.

Still, it is important that new drivers do not put the cart before the horse (in this case, quite literally) and that those preparing for the exam ensure that their skills on paper are as strong as those in the cab.

Read Your Prescribed Manual and Take Practice Exams Online

This may come off as inherent advice for the prospective driver, but reading one’s driving manual is key for sufficient information and skills to implement into one’s driving habits. While each state will have a different manual that may contain information depending on one’s area, all manuals will have the same basic information that is needed in order to safely and competently operate a commercial vehicle.

Additionally, many state DMV sites suggest that drivers practice taking at least one sample test online. These tests contain questions similar to those that one will take in person, and may give drivers a good idea of what they will encounter at the DMV.

Visit Your State’s Trucking Association Page

A benefit of joining the ranks of commercial drivers in our country is the importance that many place on those who provide service via our highways. As a driver your local state’s trucking association page is an invaluable resource for drivers, with information, regulations, news and membership opportunities to ensure that a driver fully understands and utilizes the area they are operating in.

Don’t Allow Nerves To Get The Better of You

It may be easier said than done, but remaining relaxed and focused is a crucial element of doing well on both parts of the exam. Drivers should keep in mind that their state DMV wants drivers to pass the examination and succeed in becoming a licensed driver. If adequately prepared, there is no reason that a driver will not pass their examination.

Some drivers may even be so ambitious as to pursue additional endorsements for their license including the ability to drive hazardous materials (HAZMAT endorsement) doubles or triples trailers, or even the passenger transportation endorsement. Receiving these endorsements can help a driver become a more valuable asset to an employer and open more doors for various positions that require specialized driving skills. These endorsements will require a driver to study more extensively as they come with an additional set of questions to test a driver’s knowledge of further operational skills.

In any sense, the key for a driver on their way to take their CDL examination is a great deal of preparation and using one’s available resources to gain information from credible sources.

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