FMCSA To Do Survey On Truck Driver Long Commute Time Issues

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2017)


FMCSA proposes a survey to inquire about driver commuting practices to fulfill Section 5515 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, 2015 (FAST Act). Section 5515 of the FAST Act requires FMCSA to conduct a study on the safety effects of motor carrier operator commutes exceeding 150 minutes. The administrator is then required to submit a report to Congress containing the findings of the study.

The survey proposed within this information collection request is seeking to gather information on the prevalence of excessive (greater than 150 minutes) driver commuting in the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry, including the number and percentage of drivers who commute; the distances traveled, time zones crossed, time spent commuting, and methods of transportation used; research on the impact of excessive commuting on safety and CMV driver fatigue; and the commuting practices of CMV drivers and policies of motor carriers.

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