GEORGE & WENDY SHOW: Cargo Support – What Truckers Do Best

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


From Wendy Parker, Overdrive:

Hey, remember Cargo? Well here’s an update – and some information about his route for those of you who may be traveling from Vegas to Reno on U.S. 95 anytime soon.

We talked to Cargo a couple days ago, he’d made it from Arizona to Vegas since the last time we chatted. He was still having trouble with blisters, and had stopped in Vegas to visit his brother and buy shoes. Again. I guess when you walk a gabillion miles you wear out a lot of shoes, and quite possibly your feet entirely, but this hasn’t deterred Ol’ Cargo too much. He’s determined to make Oregon for Christmas, and even with the foot troubles, he’s still on track.

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If you enjoy Wendy’s articles and like to laugh, I highly recommend her book 100,000 Miles of Crazy: Adventures from the road with George and Wendy. I laughed from page one through every page until the end. She has a remarkable sense of humor!


You can also check out her newest book, This may be a filthy lie …: Another road trip adventure with George and Wendy




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