GEORGE & WENDY SHOW: Don’t Go Toward The Light, Carol Ann

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2018)


From Wendy Parker, Overdrive:

Remember the movie “Poltergeist,” from way back in the ’80s? (Quick synopsis: Little Carol Ann climbed into the television at the behest of a ghost, and her momma went swimming with a bunch of skeletons and a tiny medium, which in retrospect is pretty hilarious, forever changed the meaning of the phrase “This house is cleeeean,” right after Carol Ann went towards the light and climbed out of the ghost-y TV.) It was scary stuff for 30 years ago.

You know what else is scary? The ’80s were 30 years ago. And you know what else was happening? A guy named Dan Baker was a decade into his trucking-specific speaking career. Mr. Baker is still using his abilities as a poet, storyteller and singer, to impart the idea that the driver is the most important part of any trucking equation.

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