GEORGE & WENDY SHOW: Thank-you Bites And Lizard Tails

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


From Wendy Parker, Overdrive:

Anyone remember Holly Farms Fried Chicken, and those giant, delicious potato wedges they used to have as a side? Unfortunately, the restaurant went out of business years ago, and many have tried to replicate the Holly Farms potato wedge, but according to my personal palate, no one has achieved the feat. Sorry, Chester’s.

It must be the lizard tails, or lack thereof.

(Here’s where the post ceases to be about anything trucking, and you realize this is a flashback induced by potato wedge intoxication. You’ve been warned. Don’t read the whole thing and gripe about it not being “trucking” beyond a belly full of Chester’s potato wedges from a truck stop, which may or may not be the reason I bloat.)

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If you enjoy Wendy’s articles and like to laugh, I highly recommend her book 100,000 Miles of Crazy: Adventures from the road with George and Wendy. I laughed from page one through every page until the end. She has a remarkable sense of humor!

You can also check out her newest book, This may be a filthy lie …: Another road trip adventure with George and Wendy




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