GEORGE & WENDY SHOW: Will They Go Round In Circles?

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


From Wendy Parker, Overdrive:

A “song that ain’t got no melody” is a pretty good analogy for my personal thoughts on the current plans for autonomous and self-driving commercial vehicles. A “dance that ain’t got no steps,” no matter how much money is hurled at the technology, because the technology requires infrastructure to operate upon, and “I’ma gonna sing it to my friends,” when I say there isn’t a suitable one available to run fleets of autonomous vehicles economically at the present time.

They won’t go ’round in circles, threading giant metal machines through the solid rock caves in Missouri.

Our friend Rich Templeton of Steelhead Factoring is launching a video series (of the same name) on Wednesday, Jan. 17. Templeton is putting together 45-second clips of opinions about industry issues, from industry professionals, who range from owner-operators to company drivers, brokers, dispatchers and factoring service agents. The roll-out topic is autonomous vehicles.

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