Getting The Most Out Of A National Tire Account

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


Tires are tough to manage, even in ideal conditions. Start adding hundreds of tractors and trailers, spread them across the vast expanse of North America, and a tough problem can become an impossible one almost immediately. National tire accounts, offered by major tire manufacturers nationwide, evolved decades ago to help long-haul fleets deal with their most pressing problem: failures and roadside service in areas far away from home.

Tire management has steadily become more sophisticated, and tire management programs have evolved as well. Today, fleets can choose a host of management options, from simple roadside service packages to comprehensive, on-site cradle-to-crave management programs.

Given the wide range of fleet applications today, most national tire programs now offer an a la carte menu of services and features, as opposed to blanket plans that offer a whole hosts of items. In either case, he says, there are key questions that any potential tire partner should answer before you make a final decision.

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