Iowa 80 – Trucker’s ‘Disneyland’

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)


There are a lot of truck stops in the United States but Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the world’s largest truck stop.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the truck stop where truck drivers love to stop because it provides them a lot of amenities that make their long haul life much easier. The first half of the 20th century is the period when the first truck stops were born and since then they achieve a whole new level of service providing.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop begins working in 1964 before Interstate 80 was completely finished. The founder of this truck stop is Bill Moon a man that loved everything that was related to trucks and trucking services.

His wife Carolyn Moon described Bill as a person that loved sitting behind the counter to talk with the truck drivers asking them what Iowa 80 can do for them to make their life much easier. As result of his ability to communicate with the truck drivers, he had a chance to get a lot of ideas that made the Iowa 80 Truck Stop better.

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