I’ve Got The Job — Now What?

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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

Many drivers, even after finding a suitable school in which to enroll in or talking to some industry professionals, may be concerned with the types of skills and qualifications that a company is looking for in a driver.

Aside from having a certain amount of experience or having earned endorsements (hazards, doubles, tankers, to name a few) recruiters for commercial driving companies will look at a select group of qualities that qualify a driver as someone they might entrust to hire.

While every company/recruiter is different, there is a general list of attributes that many employers will enjoy seeing a recruit display. Some drivers may be placed on a probational period as well, in which their mentors or supervisors will observe the ways in which these skills are over or under utilized.

Communication Skills

While most driving positions (if not all driving positions) are not sales-oriented, there is often more to company and customer satisfaction that simply driving a truck and turning it back around. There will likely be some level of customer relations involved with a driving job, even if it is as simple as chatting with a client in a friendly manner or answering any questions they may have about the delivery/pickup.

It’s unlikely that a driving company will require a driver to be a master conversationalist or drum up any more business, but the ability to make a customer feel as though they are cared about is a huge bonus to companies and clients alike.

Additionally, drivers will need to possess quality communication skills in order to competently discuss the job at hand to respond accordingly to any orders they may receive. A responsive employee is a valued employee.

Time Management

Being on time is crucial to one’s success in any industry, and this is especially true in the logistical transportation of goods. Aside from showing up on time to make deliveries and to fall in line with mandated reset rules, drivers must be able to manage their schedules well for the safety of themselves as well as the safety of others on the road.

A driver with the ability to be timely and safe is a valuable asset to a company for many reasons, chiefly because they can be entrusted to take on more difficult runs and loads that call for good judgment behind the wheel. Managers entrust drivers who can show expediency and care together with jobs that match their level of duty.

Positive Attitude

Unless one works at Disneyland, there’s no hiring company that can expect an employee to display an abnormal level of affection for their job constantly. There is, however, a distinction between showing ardor while on the job positive attitude concept and seeming as though one’s position is detestable.

It may seem easy to succumb to having a gloomy outlook when the job is sometimes unforgiving or exterior factors are somewhat controlling one’s emotions. Though, the simple act of getting by with a determined attitude will enhance a driver’s life much more than a pessimistic worldview. Positive cannot possibly mean excited and raring to go at any given time, it simply means rolling with the punches and persevering. Many companies have driver managers or mentors for this specific reason, as a resource in which they can rely upon should times prove difficult.

There are several other ways in which a driver may be evaluated as an employee. These are basic touchstones of what many companies look for in employees that demonstrate worth to the company. Many companies will have their own set of standards and expectations for a driver, but demonstrating the above will not hinder a driver in their pursuit of a commercial driving career.

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2 Thoughts to “I’ve Got The Job — Now What?”

  1. travelinman

    Very good article. Attitude and communication are critical. Too many times I see drivers who can barely speak English, or can’t at all. I know there is a law in the USA that you must be able to read and speak the language to drive a truck so my question is, how do those drivers get a license?

    Attitude does shape how your day goes. It can be hard to remain positive when things are going bad at home and you have so much alone time to think about it. Tiny problems can turn into major ones in your mind.

    1. Tully


      Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question, I really have no idea. My best guess would be that some companies are so hard up for drivers that they have no choice but to let drivers who can skate by with English drive.
      Getting into the cab with external problems is one of the hardest aspects of the job. It’s best to try and establish a place of work as well as a place of one’s personal life in order to drive a healthy balance home.

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