Lawsuit Against FMCSA’s Pre-employment Reports Dismissed By Court

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)


A now-six-year-old lawsuit brought by five truckers challenging the efficacy of the U.S. DOT’s Pre-Employment Screening Program reports has been mostly dismissed by a federal court. However, two drivers involved in the suit could be awarded damages for information contained with their PSP report, the court ruled.

At issue in the case were inaccuracies within drivers’ PSP reports, which carriers can access to make hiring decisions. The drivers argued their PSP reports contained false information that could have been damaging to their job prospects. For all five drivers, citations had been issued or criminal charges had been filed. In all five cases, the drivers fought the citations or charges in court and won. Despite adjudication and dismissal of the citations and charges, violations were still listed in the drivers’ PSP reports.

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