Looking Deep Into Fleet Data Helps With Efficiency And Profitability

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)


From Deborah Lockridge, TruckingInfo:

P&S Transportation has always been data-driven, but the tools available today make it much easier for people throughout the organization to gain valuable insights from data without being IT experts, says Mauricio Paredes, vice president of business technology for the Birmingham, Alabama-based 1,300-truck flatbed carrier.

Generating reports from data can help provide business-critical information to fleets of all types and sizes, but such reports can be frustrating to compile and tedious to set up. Creating layouts with trends and graphical information can also be time-consuming. And static reports only give one dimension of data.

Peredes says the canned reports offered by most transportation management software only go so far. That’s why it’s important to move beyond traditional data analysis into what’s called business intelligence, or BI.

“If you want to see a particular number by a different dimension, a different qualifier, BI tools allow you take a number and slice it by other dimensions,” Paredes says. “So we were able to take tractor revenue number and slice it by dispatcher, for example, so it made it much easier to follow people’s hunches about why a number was the way it was.”

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