Meet Edward “Cool Breeze” Bledsoe, Jr. – Dressing To The Nines

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


When it comes to lights, chrome, accessories and paint schemes, owner-operators run some of the sharpest looking trucks on the Interstate. When you consider drivers’ industry accomplishments, many—such as TA-Petro Citizen Drivers, Goodyear Highway Heroes, and hundreds of others—standout. Thinking about the ways drivers dress, perhaps only a few standouts come to mind. If that’s true for you, most likely, you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Edward “Cool Breeze” Bledsoe, Jr.

A 41-year professional driving veteran, including five years at Service One Transport working out of the firm’s Memphis terminal, Cool Breeze single handedly gives new meaning to the term, ‘best dressed.’ Before hitting the road on every trip, he selects his wardrobe from a closet full of three-piece suits, shoes and hats. Check that, wherever he goes, whatever he does, 365 days a year, he dresses in a matching suit, shoes and hat. Some might say, “He’s a bit eccentric.” Others who actually know him say, “He’s super professional.”

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