Number Of Clean Inspections On The Upswing

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)


All but eight of the 48 continental United States showed small to marked increases in the percentage of inspections that were clean, which helps a carrier’s CSA scores.

States finally appear to be responding to a long push from truckers and, in some senses, regulators and lawmakers to get more jurisdictions to “finish the job” on clean inspections. That means inspectors go through the steps to file a Level 3 driver-credentials inspection, at least, with any quick check that otherwise might not rise to the status of a full Level 1 truck and driver inspection.

“There is a concerted effort among the states to complete inspection reports when no violations are found,” says Collin Mooney, executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The coalition of law enforcement and trucking concerns oversees the national inspection program’s levels, out of service criteria and more.

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