Owner-Operator Gary Buchs, Company Driver Wes Memphis Discuss ELD Adjustment

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)


From Todd Dills, Overdrive:

Owner-Operator Gary Buchs made a voluntary switch to an Omnitracs AOBRD a couple years back now, so he’s been on e-logs quite some time. Not that it was a quick adjustment. In this most recent edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, he runs through some of what he went through early on making that switch, likewise his worries for freight market health with the rise of tech-enabled brokerage and hopes for rates, at least, in the short-term, despite what he sees as the inevitability of a “hangover” after the big increases he’s seen recently.

Regular readers will recall e-log transition guinea pig “Wes Memphis,” a pseudonym for the former owner-operator-turned-driver who was forced into making the switch more than a year and a half ago now and has been periodically guest-blogging here on Channel 19. His experience won’t be applicable to everyone in the audience, given he is dispatched and runs for a fleet that’s invested in trailers for new drop-hook opportunities in van freight.

Nonetheless, he wrote in early this morning with another in his ongoing series of guest contributions to the blog.

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