Plan For The Surge In Truck And Trailer Demand

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)


As you may be aware, there has recently been a surge in demand for Class 5-8 trucks and tractors, which in turn has led to the follow-on surge in trailer demand as well. This kind of surge puts a tremendous strain on the companies that supply key components for these products, such as the manufacturers for tires, engines, and transmissions.

In addition, there are countless other components that are often not considered that may also be limited in “through-put” from their respective manufacturers.

As a result, there will more than likely be shortages coming down the pipeline for these components. One example would be windshields. Every commercial vehicle requires glass for front, side, and, in some cases, rear windows — not to mention those trucks and tractors that are equipped with the bottom “peep” windows.

An increase in demand of 10% to 15% could be handled by adding shifts, overtime, and additional workers, however costly that may be to the manufacturer. But can the supply chain handle the same surge? How long will the specific manufacturers need to ramp up to these levels of demand?

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