Preparing For The Future Of Trucking And Technology

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)


Without question, a technology wave is sweeping across the industry. Hopefully, you’ve turned your attention to technology topics including integrated dashboard devices, sophisticated camera systems, onboard telematics, collision-avoidance systems, smart powertrains, loads of embedded software, the advent of alternate fuels and electric power, and the much-ballyhooed autonomous truck.

Is your head spinning yet? For 2018, I suggest you start looking ahead to what the industry can become, rather than what it was or is today. Become a visionary. If you owned or managed a company, what would you be looking at to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve safety, and provide a better life on the road for those who drive your trucks? If you’re on the bottom rungs of the technology ladder, you’ll need to embrace accelerating change, technological growth and intensifying complexity.

Much like life in general, the trucking industry is rapidly changing. With each passing day, the pace of technological change seems to be picking up speed. The pressure to respond intensifies, as does the uncertainty and anxiety resulting from the unprecedented changes that are very much unlike anything past generations of professional drivers have experienced.

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