Safety Groups Tell FMCSA 5-Year Exemption Would ‘Gut’ ELD Rule

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)


Is there such a thing as granting too big an exemption to the electronic logging rule? That’s the gist of joint comments submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by a safety advocacy group composed of motor carriers and a highway-safety lobby.

OOIDA’s request “would gut the long-settled electronic logging device rule by allowing nearly all trucking companies to delay compliance,” said the Alliance for Driver Safety and Security (aka the Trucking Alliance) and the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (“Advocates”) in a Feb. 1 press release.

Their statement goes on to characterize OOIDA’s request as “a transparent attempt to bypass Congress and the courts by regurgitating discredited arguments which seek to advance special interests at the expense of road safety for all motorists.”

The two groups also hold that ELDs are “a proven technological fix to the rampant problem of falsified paper log books, also known as ‘comic books’ in the trucking industry because of how easily they can be manipulated and falsified.

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