Site Purpose

Welcome to all our trucker friends out there as well as those who are thinking about driving a truck.

I am a former trainer and I saw the very limited training students get. There just isn’t enough time to teach them much more than the basics. I also saw the misconceptions they had about the job, the false, misleading, or contradictory information they were given by recruiters and other company personnel. Most had no clue about the lifestyle and, never having driven a truck before, had no idea what questions to ask during the recruiting process.

It’s my goal for this site to teach newer drivers and those who are interested in getting into the industry as much as possible to help them be as successful and safe as they can. Give them helpful information, tips on various aspects of the job and lifestyle.

To do that I’ll need the help of the veteran drivers out there because they all have their own perspective, ways of doing the job in the most productive manner, and can come up with ideas that I may not. The more people involved, the better the quality of the information. There is an “Ask Questions” area for people who need information and anyone is welcome to respond, providing the response is relevant.

It won’t be all about teaching, though. There will be news items and other pertinent information about the industry available to read and comment on. Hopefully, this will be a one stop place for all kinds of helpful information for all truck drivers, things like health matters, products that will be useful to drivers, information that will help people who wish to begin their own business to be successful in the endeavor, etc.

I’ll also be posting frequently so there will be a steady flow of information which people also can comment on.

There is no need to register to browse.

In an effort to prevent spambots from flooding the site with a bunch of useless spam and causing me to spend most of my time removing it you will need to fill in name and email when leaving comments so we know it’s a human.

In order to ask or respond to questions, you will need to register. It doesn’t cost anything. This is also necessary to prevent spambots from flooding the site with spam. An alternative method is to sign in with one of the following social media accounts:

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People who follow us on Tapatalk will not be able to leave comments through the app. They will have to come to the site through their mobile browser. There is nothing I can do about that. Tapatalk does not permit commenting on blog sites, only forums.

I welcome any and all input from all our visitors and hope to keep this a fun, informative place for everyone.