Survey Of Truck Parking And Rest Areas In Southern Ontario, Canada

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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)


Backgrounder & Status of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Truck Parking and Truck Stop Study

We believe that commercial truck drivers know the most about parking, so we are inviting all drivers who use Southern Ontario highways to complete our survey (including drivers who are based outside Ontario, including the U.S.A.).

Here are a few notes about SPR Associates, Dr. Ted Harvey and the SPR team, the overall Study, and the Truck Driver Survey component of the Ontario truck stop study.

About SPR. SPR Associates is conducting the Truck Stop study, under contract with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. [study won in a competitive tender]. SPR has 25 years experience in studies of workplaces and occupational health and safety, with accomplishments including aid to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1990, and certification training in Ontario OHS, with over 400,000 Ontario worker & manager health & safety personnel trained as of 2018. SPR’s team for the Truck Stop Study includes an international panel of experts in trucking, freight movement and related issues, mainly drawn from leading Canadian and U.S. universities [for example, Dr. Garland Chow of the University of British Columbia]. A number of truck drivers are also advising SPR.

Dr. Ted Harvey has been involved in public policy research for over 25 years, with major accomplishments including the above SPR projects, and [among other projects] his work: as co-designer of the $65million Manitoba Guaranteed Annual Income Experiment; aid to introduction to Parental Leave provisions under Canadian Employment Insurance [2000]; aid through $600,000 in research [in the period 1994 to 2009] to development of Canada’s system of 700 family violence shelters for women who experience domestic violence; and advisory input on Canadian labour standards including many of importance to trucking [1994-2006]

Dr. Harvey’s interest in working conditions & related issues such as those seen in trucking today, stems in part from family heritage. His grandfather, Dick Burnett — an icon of country and bluegrass music — often sang of the working man and the downtrodden. With respect to his grandfather — much of Dr. Harvey’s recent research has focused on worker health and safety.

The Truck Driver Survey, as part of the Ontario Truck Stop Study aims to cover all North American truck drivers. The truck driver survey is a key component of a study of truck parking in Ontario — aimed at aiding the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to identify needs for truck parking on Southern Ontario highways. The survey, aimed at both Canadian and U.S. drivers assesses shortages of parking and quality of truck stop services all across Southern Ontario.

The survey, which only takes 12-15 minutes, is ongoing until February 28. The survey obtains highly refined detail. The initial 1,000 driver participants have provided over 30,000 assessments of parking and truck stop services [the average driver responding provides 20-40 ratings of parking and services, along with other data regarding topics such as economic and personal impacts of parking shortages]. Providing data on the highways they use the most, ratings are sought for 25 highway segments and 70+ Ontario truck stops. SPR has been impressed with the investment of drivers in responding to this survey. We merely need another 2,000 responses to meet the Ministry’s information needs.

The overall study, including engineering studies, will report in Spring or early Summer, 2018.

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