Tandem Thoughts: The King, The Duke, And Jim

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2018)


From Terry Scruton, Land Line:

Jim Johnston was an Elvis fan. Knowing this, our chief sound engineer, Barry Spillman, made it his mission to work some Elvis music into the show whenever possible. You could hear it if you listened closely, slipping in and out of the background like an extra in “King Creole.” It was only appropriate, then, that if Jim had to leave us, it happened on the King’s birthday. As much as we are saddened by his loss, it somehow fits in a cosmic kind of way. Long live the King.

I sometimes passed Jim in the hallways and occasionally interviewed him on Land Line Now. He always had a wink and smile and more than a few words of wisdom. We didn’t use Jim often on the show, but when we did we called it “bringing out the big guns.” He weighed in when it mattered most but was otherwise content to stand back and let us do the jobs he hired us to do.

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