Tandem Thoughts: Let’s Hit Trucks With More Tolls

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)


From John Bendel, Land Line:

Here we go again. Governments and toll agencies want to charge you extra to go where you have to go,just because you drive a truck.

The latest proposal is to cordon off the bottom half of Manhattan and charge a fee to enter. The idea from a New York State advisory panel is to erect E-ZPass gantries and cameras to monitor all traffic into the area from the bottom tip of Manhattan up to 60th Street, the bottom of Central Park. That happens to include some of the busiest, most densely packed real estate in the world. The people that live and work there use up a lot of stuff.

True, interstate truck deliveries usually go to distribution centers outside the city so local trucks do those last miserable miles. Usually but not always. Some big trucks do deliver in Manhattan – to the Javits Convention Center, to city utilities, and to construction sites, for starters.

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