The ELD – How Secure Is It?

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)


From Deborah Lockridge, Editor-in-Chief, Truckinginfo:

IOActive, a global security advisory firm, earlier this year conducted vulnerability assessment research using several ELDs that were available over the counter at big-box distributors. “What we found could allow an attacker to pivot through the device and into the vehicle, where the consequences could be disastrous,” the company said.

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, an organization of primarily less-than-truckload carriers, issued a bulletin expressing its concern about the results.

IOActive’s general conclusion was that all the tested devices did little, if anything, to follow cybersecurity best practices and were open to compromise, with shortcomings such as devices being shipped with debug enabled firmware easily accessible for analysis, and lack of encryption.

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