Poll: The Media And Truckers

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(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)


We see articles every day about truckers. Some are good, some are bad. The public perception of truckers is molded primarily from what they read or hear in the media. How do you feel you’re treated by the media?




How are truckers treated my the media?
  • Mostly bad 94%, 16 votes
    16 votes 94%
    16 votes - 94% of all votes
  • About even, good and bad 6%, 1 vote
    1 vote 6%
    1 vote - 6% of all votes
  • Mostly good 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 17
December 3, 2016
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One Thought to “Poll: The Media And Truckers”

  1. Phil

    Most of the news is bad ,because they have no ideal of the operation of a truck ! That and the large corporate carriers are putting so many undertrained drivers on the road ! This makes it dangerous for the driving public and the drivers themselves ! As they are just trying to make a living !

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