Three Truckers Charged In Separate Fatal Accidents, Truckers Put On Notice

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)


The Ontario Provincial Police held a news conference to announce that inattentive commercial truck drivers are “on notice” following a string of recent crashes that left six people dead.

At the press conference in Toronto, OPP Commissioner J.V.N. Hawkes announced serious charges against three truck drivers who they say were responsible for three deadly crashes in the span of a week this summer. OPP says that driver inattention was to blame for all of the crashes.

“This is driver inattention at its worst and the most tragic example of the tremendous cost when a transport truck driver is not paying full attention to the road or is fatigued.”

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My opinion

I hear the point that 4-wheelers are the worst at not paying attention, and I agree with that. But I also feel this is one reason that it is even more imperative for a professional driver to be paying attention. You need to see possible problems before they happen.

Professionals are being paid to operate that vehicle in a safe manner. 4-wheelers aren’t. I’m not making excuses for 4-wheelers. I hate driving around them as much as others do.

Professionals are held to a higher standard, as well they should be. Paying attention to your driving, as well as other people’s driving, isn’t that hard to do. There is much more to safe driving than holding a steering wheel and stepping on a peddle.

I have no sympathy for a professional driver who gets charged for his or her negligence when behind the wheel.

What is your opinion?




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