Truck Parking Costs Illinois Walmart Over $18,000 In Fines

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)


The Walmart Supercenter on Springfield’s south side has accrued about $18,000 in fines from the city for letting tractor-trailers sit in their parking lot.

The store, 1100 Lejune Drive, began racking up $500-a-day fines for the zoning violation on Nov. 8. A city administrative court hearing officer granted the city’s request Wednesday that the fines only accrue up to Dec. 13, which is when the Walmart turned in a new parking plan for approval. Thirty-five days of $500 penalties plus a $565 fine adds up to $18,065.

The city’s concern is for the safety of drivers navigating around the curve of the parking lot, according to assistant city attorney Krista Appenzeller. When semis park in the lot, it blocks the visibility of oncoming traffic for those leaving and entering the lot.

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