Trucker Sues Former Company For Falsely Claiming He Refused Alcohol Test

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


A Philadelphia trucker is suing his former employer for misinterpreting results of a random drug/alcohol test and consequently tarnishing his record, making it difficult to find another job as a driver. The driver’s record indicated a refusal to submit to an alcohol test, but he claims he never received the chance to refuse one in the first place.

In May, Morris was told that he had been selected for a random drug/alcohol test, per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Morris immediately reported to the testing site, where he followed instructions and submitted what was asked of him.

Shortly after tests were completed, Morris was told that he had refused to take an alcohol test. Based on federal motor carrier safety regulations, refusing a test has the same negative effect as testing positive. However, the lawsuit alleges that any claim that Morris refused an alcohol test is false.

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