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(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)


The trucking industry has been deemed a dangerous career, overwhelmed with regulation, and requires truckers to be separated from their family and loved ones up to weeks at a time while out on the road.

Seventy to eighty percent of all raw and finished materials, household goods, and the foods we need to survive are transported by truck in one form or another.

The individual trucker and his/her family sacrifice anniversaries, birthdays, first step, graduations, and much more each day to keep our shelves stocked and our economy vibrant. Many truckers are military veterans, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends.

Despite a regulation burdened industry: mandated rest periods, route restrictions, physical requirements, training and specialized licensing, and more, there is one area of the industry that has no regulation. That’s the lack of requirement for an employer to assist an individual trucker when tragedy strikes out on the road away from home.

In a single day, a trucker can be 500 – 600 miles away from his/her loved ones at home. Many truckers sleep in their trucks and thus can be away from home for weeks at a time, a thousand or more miles away in many cases.

Sometimes, such as in the case of a trucker changing employers, starting fresh in the industry, or just due to financial concerns, the trucker may have no or limited insurance in event of a personal emergency.

To help fill the gap, an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) Charity Organization has been developed to serve all North American Truck Drivers. This Charity is, founded by a U.S. Army Veteran and thirty year trucking industry professional headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.’s Mission is to reunite North American Truck Drivers and Their Family in Times of Crisis. The Charity assists bringing a trucker home should he/she pass away out on the road regardless of fault or cause. They assist in reuniting the family should a trucker be severely injured or suffer a sudden onset medical emergency (such as a heart attack) out on the road. Should there be an emergency involving an immediate family member at home, they also assist with transportation to bring the trucker home right away to deal with that emergency.

Additionally, in the event of a trucker losing his or her career due to an on the job related permanently disabling injury, will assist with the construction of wheel chair ramps, door and hallway widening and other quality of life accessibility improvements of a truckers home.

Each year, has a Christmas campaign to assist the children 18 and younger that have lost a CDL trucker parent out on the road away from home.

Founded in 2013 and operating as a 501 (c) (3) Charity since April 2014, attained the 2016 “Top Nonprofit” rating at (one of only 35 in New Mexico) and is rated “Platinum” for transparency at as well as a nonprofit member at As a leader in the nonprofit community serving the trucking industry, provides regular updates to it’s donors, potential donors and other interested parties via it’s verified Facebook/truckersfinalmile page, and is the most engaged Charity organization on social media serving the trucking industry.

Further information, such as detailed outlines of the supporting programs of their Mission, policies, organizational structure documents, recent case history and more can be found on their in depth website at:

With awareness comes a higher demand for the services provided by In the last 16 months, 48 truckers and their family have been assisted. If you would like to help them help, please consider a generous tax deductible donation in any amount to:

Sponsorship tiers begin at $2,500 … one sponsorship at this tier will help bring two truckers home to their loved ones.




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