Trucking Family And Their Museum Of Restored Classic Trucks

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)


Little did he know at the time he and his wife, Virginia, added a 1928 Indiana huckster truck to their business, Tama Homestore Groceries, George Schroyer, Sr. planted the seeds for a presence in the Ohio trucking business that would grow and prosper for the next nine decades. As the story goes, George started by picking up chickens and eggs for delivery to farms and homes around Tama in West Central Ohio, just across the border from Indiana.

Born in 1934, George, Jr. spent his entire life around trucks, starting with ride-alongs in a ‘41 International K-5 delivery truck outfitted for Tama Groceries deliveries. He remembers trucks his father owned as if they were best friends. He learned to steer and shift gears in a ’40 Plymouth pickup. At age 11, he drove a ’37 Ford 1½-ton to Detroit with a load of chickens. He fondly recalled other trucks his father owned, including a ‘36 International C-30, a ’39 Dodge cabover, a ’41 GMC 1½-ton, a ’40 Ford semi-tractor and a ’41 Chevrolet 1½-ton.

George, Jr. and his wife, Marie, had six children. Three took active roles in managing the family trucking business. Dave eventually became president, Craig managed fleet maintenance, and Cindy took on administrative responsibilities. Another brother, Mark, owns his own small trucking company. Started in 1978, Schroyer Truck and Trailer Sales Ltd. is still going strong.

Dave and Craig own the 12-acre site about four miles north of Celina on highway 127 with a terminal office and truck service shop that are leased to Grammer Industries. Towards the west end of the property, Dave and Craig have assembed a fantastic truck museum, and they oversee a fully equipped truck restoration shop.

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