VIDEO: Beware Of This Dirty Recruiting Trick

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(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)


Just when we thought we had heard all of the dirty, nasty tricks SOME trucking companies pull….

Well, this one in our books, TAKES THE CAKE!

This has happened to many truck drivers in the U.S. We know of 5 trucking companies which use this method to recruit drivers.

BEWARE of what can happen to you.




Source: Smart Trucking, January 12, 2018



These companies can be nasty.

The company I worked for would leave drivers they didn’t hire to find their own way home.

I heard of a recruit who was bought to orientation at my company and the recruiting department asked him if he had quit his job back home. When the recruit told them he hadn’t, they had him call his job and quit while they listened. The next day the recruit was told they were not going to hire him. So he didn’t have the trucking job and no job to go home to. I found that to be cruel, and immoral. But this is how companies work.

My suggestion. Tell the company you do not wish to come to orientation until your application has been thoroughly checked, approved and you have definitely been hired. You may not like that idea, but it beats going without knowing if you will have a job or not, and possibly have to find your own way home.

You can not rush into this job. You HAVE to know what you’re getting into. I can not overstate how important it is to take your time when trying to get into the industry.




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