Which Does Your Job Need—Lowboys Or RGN Trailers?

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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

Which Does Your Job Need—Lowboys or RGN Trailers?

To haul oversized freight, you need the right trailer. But how do you know which one you’ll need?

Continue reading as we delve into the difference.

RGN Trailers

Do you need to haul trucks, construction equipment, or other motorized equipment? Is the total freight both tall and long? If this is the case, you may need an RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer. These are occasionally referred to as “lowboys” or “double drop”, although not all double drops and lowboys have a gooseneck that is removable.

This is an RGN trailer that’s over 100 feet from nose to tail

The front can detach, which allows the trailer to be lowered to the ground. This builds a ramp that lets the vehicles being hauled drive onto the trailer. After it has been loaded, the tractor backs up against the trailer and the RGN is reattached to the remainder of the trailer.

RGN trailers can have either a mechanical system or a hydraulic system. A mechanical system is lighter in weight as well as cheaper, whereas a hydraulic system is heavier and more expensive but simpler to use. RGN trailers come in various axle configurations and lengths. They can go all the way up to 20 or more axles, which allow them to carry up to 150,000 pounds in freight.

The maximum dimensions for an RGN trailer include:

  • Maximum legal freight height- 11.6 feet
  • Maximum well width- 8.5 feet
  • Maximum well length- 29 feet (main deck)
  • Maximum freight weight- 42,000 pounds

H. Brown, Inc. has extra axles and dollies to transport structures or equipment, and lowboys up to 220 tons. Our equipment consists of:

  • 200 Ton Dual-lane Transporter with up to 63’ of deck
  • 85 Ton Double Gooseneck Lowboy with up to 71’ of deck
  • 220 Ton Oilfield Lowboy
  • 16 axle lines of Goldhofer Platform Trailers with drop deck
  • 150 Ton Dual-lane Transporter with 28’ of deck

Lowboy Trailers

Do you need to haul something that happens to be beyond the height you can carry legally on a flatbed, such as industrial equipment (like a bulldozer)? Unpowered trailers and lowboy trailers are here for that purpose.

55 Ton lowboy

The maximum dimensions for a lowboy trailer are as follows:

  • Maximum legal freight height: 11.5-12 feet
  • Maximum legal width: 8.5 feet
  • Maximum legal overall load height: 14 feet
  • Maximum well length: 24-29.6 feet
  • Maximum freight weight: up to 80,000 pounds (with extra axles) and 40,000 pounds (with two axles)
  • Maximum well height: 18-24 inches



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